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Oregon Retina Center in Medford & Grants Pass, OR

What to Expect

Your initial visit to Oregon Retina Center at our Medford and Grants Pass offices will include an examination and evaluation of your retina. We recommend bringing a driver since both eyes will be dilated. Your appointment may last up to 2 hours.

Your medical visit will be covered by your health insurance. No separate vision care insurance will be needed.

Please bring the following items to your appointment:

  • Insurance card
  • Co-pay
  • Photo ID
  • List of current medications and prior medical/surgical history

Our patient’s well being is our first priority. We are committed to:

  • Listening to those we are privileged to serve.
  • Earning the trust and respect of our patients, our profession, and the community.
  • Exceeding your expectations.
  • Ensuring that we continue to advance the practice of Ophthalmology and Retina care.

Patient Forms

For your convenience, our New Patient Form and our Patient Update Form is available online. Please complete these forms online prior to your visit.

New Patient Form

Patient Update Form

(required for VA, Tricare, & ChampVA)

Insurance Information

I authorize the release of any medical information necessary to process all claims. I authorize the release of payment or medical benefits to my physician.

Consent to Use & Disclosure of Health Information for Treatment, Payment, or Healthcare Operations

I understand that as part of my health care, Oregon Retina Center (ORC) maintains electronic medical records. I understand and allow ORC to disclose my protected health information to another entity in order to provide me with health care services, to bill and collect payment for those services, and in connection with ORC’s health care operations. I consent to such disclosure for these permitted uses. I understand that I may revoke this consent or request restrictions in writing at any time.
ORC may communicate with these individuals regarding your treatment (e.g., friends, relatives):
I have read, fully understand & accept these terms of consent for this HIPAA Privacy Policy. I certify that I am the patient, authorized agent, or legal guardian for the patient and am legally able to sign on behalf of the patient. A copy of this policy will be provided to me upon request.

Financial Policies & Procedures Consent

We provide medical eye care and only bill medical plans, not vision plans. It is your responsibility to notify ORC of any insurance changes and to promptly pay co-payments, co- insurances, deductibles, & charges not paid by your insurance. A $12 fee is assessed on each returned check (NSF). A $15 administrative fee is assessed for co- payments/co-insurance not paid at the visit. These charges are not covered by your insurance. Please call us for a payment plan if you are unable to pay your balance. You may be eligible for financial assistance to reduce your payment. We also offer Care Credit.
Balance $1-$250 $250-$500 $500-$1000 $1001-$3,000 $3,001-$5,000 Over $5,000
Monthly Payment $85 $100 $144 $250 $275 Contact Us
For monthly payments, we require a credit card on file or a check received by the 15th of the month. Please call us or view your balance on the patient portal. Balances over 180 days past due are transferred to a collection agency after which we are unable to accept payment. Please call us to make arrangements before the account is sent to an agency. We are committed to your care. Please do not hesitate to ask for further explanation. I have read & agree to the financial policies and procedures.


We stand apart from other centers in providing state of the art diagnostic retina (eye) testing at all of our locations.

The Heidelberg Engineering spectralis is used in all locations so that your doctor has access to high-resolution diagnostic imaging no matter which location you choose to visit.

Retinal Imaging System: Heidelberg Engineering Spectralis

  1. Spectral Domain OCT
  2. Digital Fluorescein Angiography
  3. Indocyanine Green (ICG) Angiography

Digital Color Fundus Photography

We proudly provide the Optos Digital Ultra-widefield Fluorescein Angiography and Fundus Photography so that our physicians will continue to evaluate your eye health using state of the art technology.

For more information on the latest technology in widefield Fluorescein Angiography visit the OPTOS website.

Our office provides other retina imaging including but not limited to: Color Fundus Photography, Ultrasound Imaging, Visual Field Examinations, and other eye diagnostic imaging to better care for you.

Office Treatments

Many current therapies can now be provided in the office setting in order to reduce the need for surgical intervention. We provide same day office treatments for our patients.

  • Anti-VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor):
    Avastin, Lucentis, Eylea, Macugen, Beovu, Vabysmo, & biosimilar medications
  • Steroid implant:
    Ozurdex, Iluvien, Yutiq
  • 532 nm Laser/ MicroPulse Laser:
    Treatment for retina tear / detachment, laser for diabetic retinopathy or vein occlusion
  • Pneumatic retinopexy:
    Retina detachment repair
  • Cryotherapy:
    Retina tear / detachment repair
  • YAG Laser:
    Vitreous membrane lysis, capsulotomy, peripheral iridotomy
In-office eye treatments | Oregon Retina & Eye Care Center Medford, Grants Pass, & Roseburg, OR

Surgical Treatments

(Hospital based–23g & 25g vitrectomy)

  • Retina detachment repair
  • Macular hole repair
  • Macular membrane (scar tissue removal) with ILM (internal limiting membrane) peel
  • Dense subretinal hemorrhage displacement
  • Diabetic / tractional retinal detachment repair
  • Traumatic ruptured globe repair
  • Neovascular glaucoma Ahmed shunt placement

At Oregon Retina Center we strive to have the highest level of advanced technology. We look forward to your visit.

For more information about our technology and procedures, contact our Medford office at (541) 770-2020 or our Grants Pass office at (541) 956-2020 today!

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